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Our tomatos are grown in the bush until they are colleted, offering a raw material that guarantees their quality.


Our recipe is born from familiar tradition, taken to its maximun splendor through innovation.

Preservatives Free

Tierra Palaciega´s products have durability without artificial preservatives.

Aditives Free

We only use ingredients selected from our garden to offer an exclusive product.

Our company


Handmade traditional recipe

In Los Palacios y Villafranca (Sevilla) Tierra Palaciega is born, a familiar business directed by a young engineer with culinary curiosities since his childhood, and bounded to our region traditional agriculture, who, after concluding his studies, decided to join its passion for cuisine, his farming knowledges and his academic education together to elaborate gourmet products.

Tierra Palaciega has as an inspiring principle offering the client a unique natural handmade product able to give value to the regional raw material.

In their recipes, quality passion and innovation prevail along with a traditional production method that uses their own selected raw material. 

Our fields


Perfect maturating

The raw material we use for our products comes from our own plantations. We harvest tomato varieties that put flavor ahead of masive production and are hand-picked during their ideal point of maturing.

Our tomates are the rounded smooth kind, not industrial varieties, what let us get a unique product.

They have the Colective Mark of Los Palacios Tomato and the Global Gap certificate, what certifies good farming habits, caring about the environment and consumer´s wellness, providing our products with a quality emblem.

About the rest of the ingredients, we have fresh vegetables from fields near Los Palacios y Villafranca.



A unique home-made product of maximum quality

The elaboration of our products strictly follows a traditional recipe created by our company founder´s grandma, guaranteeing a unique home-made product of maximun quality.

Beside, we want to bet on the merge of tradition and innovation, elaborating red and green tomato marmalades through an innovative and handmade process.

Both fried tomato and marmalades are cooked over a low heat taking between three and three and a half hours to be made. That implies a slow and suitable reduction of the raw material, obtaining only a 365 g jar of fried tomato for every 1,35 kg of natural tomato.

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